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Healthy Living Services

Consultation via phone, email, video chat or text. Provides digital or printed resources for your unique situation. Guidebook of wellness solutions.

Online courses, webinars, seminars, training facilitations, and telecoaching. Key note speaker for events.

Why Karen?

  • Credentialed coach

  • Trained as a wellness adviser

  • Advocate for living a life of well-being

  • Leads coaching sessions with client focus

  • Listens deeply to what you want in life

  • Experienced interior designer and decorator

  • Published works on healthy living, depression, stress, dementia, housing, wellness, and creating calm spaces

  • Guardian of home design accessibility equality for older adults and family members with disabilities or illness 

  • Traveled the road of making tough choices for loved ones; understands caregiver overwhelm

  • Guides clients with practicality, but also with empathy

Individual Coaching Plan

Start with an individual interview to understand your unique situation, followed by an initial session to discover your goals, then we'll setup your specific outcomes, and strategize your actionable steps. Next, we will collaborate on how you'll be held accountable for the goals you have set, and ways to implement regular consistency in your customized plan. Whether it is a career change, retirement, or you want something new, we'll figure it out together. Choose a plan from the Programs page, or we will create your own. Let's level up your life! Book a consultation.

Group Coaching Plan

These sessions are designed for families, administrators, caregivers, care coordinators, or teams who want to implement best practices for the complexities of thriving.

You will gain an understanding of the physical and mental aspects of aging process, and the challenges of working together with older family members, elderly residents or patients in your care. In our discussions we will address cognitive, ambulatory functions and other behavioral changes, while creating for others a thriving and fulfilled life with choice. Choose a group plan from Programs page, or reserve a seat in a workshop. We can even create your own coaching plan. Let's get connected!



Image by Gabriel Benois

Healthy Living Workshops

For Individuals

  • Learn terminology frequently used in older adult care settings

  • Understand options for housing, medical care, and end-of-life

  • Find resources in the older adult care marketplace

  • Plan for future long-term health care needs

  • Consider financial decisions of the aging spectrum

For Families

  • Get help navigating healthcare systems

  • Discover financial, mental, physical, or housing resources

  • Find educational materials to aid in caring for loved ones

  • Connect with other families experiencing similar situations

  • Mediation of family conflicts with decisions about adult care

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