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Thrive in a Life
You Design

Karen Casanovas

Coach. Designer. Solutions Finder.

 Develops unique plans for living or working in a functional healthy, beautiful and safe environment of well-being. Coaches, designs and leads programs enhancing wellness.

Meet Karen

Certified Professional Coach and Consultant



To create better health and well-being for everyone.


To improve all lives making them more integrated and holistic through coaching, design and decor.

Coaching develops skills, empowers excellence, champions success, improves performance and fosters self-discovery.

Karen's honest and direct commentary on living well and finding happiness has made her one of the most compelling and impassioned public voices. 

"Living isn't about settling--it's about thriving in your environment. Build an inspiring future by creating a realistic plan for your life. Develop overall wellness to perform better at work, have improved relationships, fewer sleep problems, lower levels of burnout and greater physical health."


Karen's single focus is helping achieve what's most important to you. And you get to decide how to attain what you want. Karen will guide and support you through E-coaching, text messages, in-person consultation, design-only, or comprehensive services.


Productivity, cognitive function, physical health and psychological well-being are directly connected to your work or home surroundings. Overall mental health can be improved through designing spaces that match your desires for that location. An environment can invigorate or re-energize, or be a place to recover and relax. Karen offers options for both--coaching and design services. It's a unique opportunity to align your personal goals and your space. All timelines are decided by you. 


With experience in diverse project management for corporations, nonprofits, healthcare facilities, universities or homes, Karen understands the importance of achieving balanced mental calm and intentional physical surroundings. Evidence shows higher levels of well-being are associated with a decreased risk of disease, illness and injury; and better immune functioning resulting in increased longevity. With Karen's experiential knowledge and education, she coaches you through recovery, life challenges or other topics of choice, then recommends tools that drive solutions, and co-creates the reimagined work or personal spaces, regardless of age. 

Karen provides coaching, design and consulting resources so you can shift your mindset and priorities toward enjoying life. Don't wait.

Professional Specialties:

  • Residential or Commercial User-Friendly Spaces

  • Home Office Planning and Design

  • Site Modification for Accessibility & Adaptability

  • Consultant for Caregivers of Older Adults, People Living With Alzheimer's, Dementia, Special Needs

What I Specialize In

Healthy Thriving:


Designing Life

What Do I Want?

Building Capacity:

Designing Links

How Do I Get There?

Workplace or Personal Wellness:

Designing Mood

How Environment Affects Productivity

Simple Design Decisions:

Designing Spaces

Spaces That Meet Your Needs

Whole-Person Centered Care:


Designing Care

Integration: Goals, Environment & Health

Image by Anthony Metcalfe

Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.

- David Bowie

“Karen was a tremendous help when it came to dealing with a sensitive issue. She helped me with the tools I needed to cope with what seemed like an impossible situation.  I can't say enough good about her.”

- Educator

“My entire life I have been searching for meaning. People often say 'just do what makes you happy'. Karen was able to help me realize my potential and happiness to make a forward-looking plan.”

- Graduate Student

“Karen was very thoughtful in her questions and listened carefully to my answers. Spurred very good conversations!”

- Professional Organizer

“Karen's coaching not only helped me let go of negative behaviors and thinking, she's also shown me how to see things from another perspective. She gave me invaluable tools that I use daily to let go of perfectionism and have even passed them on to my 18 year old daughter!”

- Creative Freelancer

“Sometimes the best coaches are peers. I believe the best strategic planning must include coaching. You don't have to be the smartest person in the room, you don't know what you don't know. Always be on the lookout for new learning!”

- Executive Leader

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