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Meet Karen

Certified Professional Coach and Consultant

Karen's coaching helps clients achieve their goals and communicate with confidence. Whether you're seeking individual sessions, team or family coaching, Karen can guide you in making choices with ease, helping you successfully manage the many facets of better living.


My Story

At times we go through life on auto-pilot. We grind through every day responsibilities of work (paid or unpaid), partnerships or family and are expected to show up mentally prepared. Some days we are just not up for it. Life can be unrewarding, unsatisfying and overwhelming. For thirteen years I helped my parents navigate Medicare choices, healthcare options, cancer, and death. It was never a road I planned to be on, but life unfolds in unexpected ways. So what were my choices? The dedication to family won out, but wanted to share how I took advantage of my skills as a caregiver, corporate consultant, and film set decorator to find my purpose and pathway as a coach to integrate all my life passions. I can guide you in doing the same. How did I do it?

Part 1 - Live in the Moment


My journey began when I observed my mother reviewing complex insurance plans, then helped her research medical gap coverage options, and later assisted both parents through health challenges. That led to enrolling in a 26 module course titled “Working with Older Adults” spanning education on aging transitions, healthcare options, financial determinations, estate laws, ethics, and quality of life planning. I wanted to better understand the aging spectrum, grasp ways of being supportive, but not intrusive, and advocate on my parent's behalf to age their way. Years later these experiences and conversations with medical providers would lead me to make very tough choices as a daughter about life support measures, driving capabilities, financial responsibilities, and end-of-life care.


Using my experiences as a caregiver, I now help others stop wading through hundreds of pages online, reading books, reference articles, or perusing further resources, to still be left with unanswered questions. Are you wanting ways to manage your unique life situation? Seeking guidance in making decisions for loved ones? Or perhaps desiring a plan for yourself as you grow older?


Then you’ve found the right person.


Part 2 - Learn Everything You Can About Your Vivo Moments

Next, I enrolled in educational courses and learned all I could about elder services and programs. While not my preferred snapshot in time, but that was the path before me, so I took it all in. The takeaway here is, "Be where you are". If life throws you a curve ball, go with it. Turn the seemingly negative situation into a positive learning experience. I also became a member of the Senior Citizens Advisory Commission. My work at that time, (a consultant and facilitator), provided networking opportunities to learn more about older adults and issues they faced. I took advantage of every occasion. It was then I pivoted to a new career as a professional credentialed coach. Course List:


Society of Certified Senior Advisors, 2008

Working With Older Adults

Broad-based knowledge of the health, social, financial issues important to seniors and their families, and the dynamics of how these factors work together in seniors’ lives.


Salisbury University, 2021

Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Care

Pathophysiology, risk factors, stages, symptoms, diagnosis, including medications used to enhance cognitive function.


Georgetown University, 2021

The Business of Aging in the Longevity Economy

Interdisciplinary field of aging, social and policy issues and senior living administration.


CRR Global, 2019

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching

Relationship Systems Intelligence: integrated and robust model encompassing Emotional Intelligence (relationship with self), and Social Intelligence (relationship with others) to focus on relationship with the group, team, couple, family or system.



Alaska Pacific University, BA

Liberal Studies, Nonprofit Management

University of Alaska, Anchorage

Interior Design

Part 3 -Merge Your Moments


Lean into your interests and talents. Invest in yourself. I've always been involved in the visual and performing arts. Work as a film set decorator, home stager and interior designer gave me the experiential knowledge to create spaces using pattern, texture, color, light, or architectural details. I learned how those features affect mood. Exploring what already came naturally to me--designing spaces and helping others--I expanded my business to include healthy lifestyle and design coaching.

Why These Specialties?

Wellness and well-being are important lifestyle choices for me. Helping others create spaces of calm supports greater productivity, creativity and a higher state of mental functioning.

Space planning maximizes the physical and emotional environment through both beautiful design and efficient movement within your element.

Accessibility or chronic illness may inhibit one’s ability to transfer from room to room easily or use appliances and spaces to maximum capacity. I can assist in modifying or designing unique spaces for every specific situation.

Older Adults often require assistance when moving to another location, downsizing, or help when living with Alzheimer’s or other chronic illnesses. My training in working with the older population is a valuable resource when creating the perfect setting for your cherished loved one.

I have blended my soft skills, work experience, life choices and education into an impactful career as a coach. Healthy fulfilled living can be discovered. Let me guide you into the possibilities. 



International Coaching Federation, 2020

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Completed 125+ hours of coach-specific training, a minimum of 500 hours of client coaching experience, 10 hours of mentor coaching, and passing of the Coach Knowledge Assessment.


Coaches Training Institute, 2018

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Most rigorous and respected coach training and certification in the industry.  One of 65,000 people credentialed in CTI’s coaching program that is congruent with a vast body of research in positive psychology and that validates professional coaching.

Living in Place Institute, 2022

Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP)

Awarded to interprofessional specialists working to make spaces healthy, safe and comfortable. Provides property evaluation to enhance independence and well-being for everyone. First Alaskan to complete course and be honored with this credential.



Institute of Coaching, 2016 to present

Fellow at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School Affiliate

Advancing the scientific discipline of research and education to accelerate the consciousness in the field of coaching.


American Society of Interior Designers, 2022 to present

Industry Partner

Advances interior design profession and communicates the impact of design on the human experience.


American Sociological Association, 2020 to present


Advancing sociology as a science, profession, and promoting contributions of sociology to society.



Karen's articles and opinions on neuroscience, aging, stress, depression, caregiving, trust, and the television industry have been published in numerous media outlets including LinkedIn, Alaska Dispatch News, The Peninsula Clarion, The Fairbanks Daily News Miner, The Juneau Empire, Alaska Magazine, The Alaska Journal of Commerce, The Anchorage Daily News, The Washington Monthly, The Arctic Council, The Northern Forum, The Senior Voice, United States Army Alaska's Stationing & Training of Increased Aviation Assets, Center for Disease Control (National Institute of Safety and Health) Survey and Analysis of Aviation Safety, Aero News, Reel Alaska and other national, federal and state outlet sources.


Recent Presentations:


Institute of Coaching, West Coast Chapter Roundtable

Panelist, December 2022

“Retro/Prospective of the West Coast Roundtables:

Conversation with Host Committee Alumni"

Five years of a co-created community allowing for shared learning, teaching, group and individual thinking, networking with colleagues and subject matter experts.


Institute of Coaching, West Coast Chapter Roundtable

Panelist, 2021

“Effects of Neuro-diverse & Neuro-normal in Coaching”

How to be more flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse workplace. Understanding the growing awareness for adaptability to different ways of thinking.

Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching, Denver Cohort

Co-Presenter, 2021

"Coaching Leaders in the Disrupted Workplace"

Navigating crisis, disruption and change. The system coaching tools and skills used to expand executive leadership coaching. 

Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching, Denver Cohort

Presenter, 2021

"How Coaching ADHD Individuals Affects Interactions"

The behavioral, physical and emotional drivers of executive functioning, and suggestions for developing coaching design, awareness, goal-setting and accountability.


Institute of Coaching, International Roundtable

Panelist, 2020

“The Art of Ballet & Coaching”

How ballet shapes and influences coaching. Dancers relate to somatic energy because of a connection to music, the choreography, and telling a story. Dance encompasses every part of the body; learn how to dance with your whole self.

Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching, Denver Cohort

Co-Presenter, 2020

"Your Inside Team and Secret Selves"

Discover what your inner voices are really saying, how to get that "inside team" to work collaboratively, and use of meta-skills to cross edges and explore different parts of ourselves.

Let's discover ways to enhance your life.

Energy. Resilience. Joy. Happiness. Whatever you need. 

We can create small changes to your well-being or make big disruptive changes. You decide.  

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